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The Self-Made Sailor - How to Tie Knots - Decorative Knots Knot tying videos - Learn how to tie decorative knots with our free, instructional, how-to videos

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The Bosun's Mate - Dedicated to global nautical history. Do you love sailing? Tall Ships? nautical antiques? If you do then this site was made for you! - Join over one thousand nautica lovers from across the globe an.

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ARTICLE OF THE MONTH- A page that displays a new HOW TO. A page that displays a new HOW TO Artical related to ropes, knots, splices, 0r lashings.

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Animated Knots by Grog | How to Tie Knots | Fishing. This website provides clear animations showing how to tie frequently used knots.

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Knots on the Web - Peter Suber, Earlham College The most comprehensive collection of knotting resources on the web. Sections on knot tying, mathematical knot theory, knot art, knot discussion forums, knot software.

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All About Knots: Selecting a Strong Hitch for Spectra. 8 Comments: Brion Toss said... Hello, I very much enjoyed your exploration of candidates for knots in HM line. The only thing missing was destruction.

7 Re: Knots and Splices Resources Books. Electronic Books: Pioneering Projects Big and Small, edited by Andrew J. Miller -- contains all of the pioneering projects found at the HDPPP [link broken].

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